PS: "This video was made for a student project in a motion design class and is intended to showcase my original motion design - some  elements were not created by me and I do not own the rights to them"
The goal is to create a captivating 30 second promo for a brand or broadcast to introduce their brand identity, to be featured via a TV promo, web spot, or pre-event spot. The brand I choose is "beats". They're really famous for their headphones and speakers. I personally love this brand, and I noticed a lot young generation like to use beats as well. When designing this motion video, I wanted to use cool colors and some music elements to make it visually appealing, but also keep the brand guidelines.
Role: Motion Design, Branding.​​​​​​​
Research: Brand Guidelines, Ideation
Tasks: Motion Design, Footage Editing, Color Grading, transition making
Duration: Two Weeks
• To create a eye catching promo to advertise the brand.
• Highlight the music and speakers elements from different footages to make it more exciting for users.
• Focus on unique graphic transitions and compositing multimedia forms into a single environment.
At first, I want to show how the logo is transformed. Since the logo itself looks like a speaker and a CD player, I thought it would be interesting and playful to show how the logo is transformed from a speaker. 
Logo transition with the music wave effect
Logo transition with the music wave effect
Glitch Effects to show music beats
Glitch Effects to show music beats
Logo split into four CD players
Logo split into four CD players
Speaker vibration to highlight the brand
Speaker vibration to highlight the brand
I started storyboarding of what I wanted the video to look like. I brainstormed some commercial words that would highlight beats. I wanted to play with the logo at the beginning to introduce people to the brand and also show different diversity that anyone can listen to beats. 
I want to show the logo more movement and alive. I plan to add some music element such as the speaker is playing, and the music wave. I did some research for the beats brand guidelines like the color palette and type. I decided to use red, green and black for the color palate. For the type choices, I wanted to use the similar font as the beats logo font, and I used Futura for the commercial words in the video. In addition, I wanted to add glitch effect to show a sense of vibration of the music. 
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